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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 23, 2002
12:18 PM

Rita Cosby, a Fox News reporter, has been drawing heat for appealing to Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz's alleged Christian sensibilities in an attempt to gain his insights, if that's the word, on the DC Sniper.

"Your personal story and spiritual growth inspired me to write to you," Cosby told Berkowitz in a letter. Sometimes, she wrote, "the Lord calls on individuals at various times to serve him and serve his people. . . . I believe as a Christian your help is a great service. . . .

"You have a testimony that must be heard. . . . Our world is crying and you can help."

Crooowblog strikes again with this link to, which has copies of letters from a number of Info-Celebrities doing pretty much the same thing while attempting to score an interview with the Unabomber. Crooowblog muses that it's "surely a coincidence" that Cosby's action is the one being highlighted by the Fox-hating media machine. I don't know about that, but these letters are a riot, in a twisted kind of way. Go to Smoking Gun to read them; here's that site's apt summary of the contents:

Good Morning America gets "completely honest." (1 page)

60 Minutes II disses 60 Minutes. (2 pages)

Katie Couric: Also writes perky. (1 page)

20/20: Address those "misconceptions." (1 page)

CNN's Greta Van Susteren: "You are an extremely smart man." (1 page)

Larry King Live: Hey, let's do the impossible. (2 pages)

The New Yorker gets cerebral. (2 pages)

The Roseanne Show: Rosie's also a "non-conformist." (1 page)

Wired: Are you getting that free subscription? (2 pages)

USA Network: Do our job for us. (1 page)

The Oregonian: On Walden and "solitude interrupted." (2 pages)

The Denver Post: My uncle had a one-room cabin. (2 pages)

UPDATE: From Katie Couric's letter:

"...I wanted to let you know personally that I would obviously be very interested in also sitting down with you for an interview. It would give you a chance to explain your experiences to our huge audience and also the opportunity to share your views and concerns, which I know you've long wanted to do.

As an aside, you must be very happy with the recent decision by the federal appeals court to hear your request to withdraw your guilty plea...

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