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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, October 25, 2002
10:46 PM

The Not-White Not-Muslim Sniper...

Ombudsgod notes that MediaMinded wonders whether accused sniper John Muhammad is a member of the "5% Nation of Islam," an offshoot of the Nation of Islam (so that's an offshoot of an offshoot. Basically, they're Protestants).

The 5% Nation has some pretty wild ideas about black men being gods. But so does The Nation of Islam. It's one reason I'm awestruck by when big outlets like the Washington Post describe this Muhammad guy as having converted to Islam. Well. If he converted to being a member of the Nation of Islam, here are some things he may believe:

*The NOI teaches that a giant spaceship--the Mother Plane--will carry out Allah's judgment. Black scientists will use the same bombs that brought up the "mountains out of the earth" to destroy the white race (Elijah Muhammad, The Fall of America, 236, as reprinted in The Final Call, July 16, 1996, 19). They claim this judgment will not only destroy the white race but also Christianity...

*Louis Farrakhan claims that he was taken aboard the Mother Plane in a vision. While in the giant UFO, he spoke to Elijah Muhammad who had been dead for several years (see Washington Post, September 18, 1995, D3)...

*Farrakhan also asserts that this giant spaceship follows him when he travels (Tape of Farrakhan, July 13, 1986, Chicago, Ill.)...

*The NOI teaches that blacks are gods and whites are demons.

*They teach that 66 trillion years ago, he [one of the black god/scientists] decided to destroy the earth. He drilled a shaft into the earth, filled it with high explosives, and then set it off. He failed to totally destroy the earth but he did blow it into two parts. The smaller part became what we now call the moon (Tape of Louis Farrakhan, Dec. 9, 1990, Compton, Calif.).

*According to the NOI, a black scientist named Yakub created the white race about 6,000 years ago. They claim that whites are a race of devils (Elijah Muhammad, Message to the Blackman, 51)....

Now, the above is from a Christian evangelical site North American Mission Board, but it's well sourced and tracks with what I've read elsewhere, including in the Autobiography of Malcom X--which of course goes back awhile. I've edited it and broken out bullet points, but it's all there. (There is one obvious typo where they say the founding was around 1978)

Most of the above, excluding Minister Farrakhan's spaceship, was being taught for many years in the Nation of Islam. For a time, NOI was migrating towards Muslim belief and actually dissolved when the two groups--one billion people here, a few thousand there--held basically identical views. But Farrakhan resurrected the Nation of Islam in all its white-devil/black-god glory.

Of course I am not inside the Nation myself, so my understanding is limited. And under Farrakhan, the Nation's beliefs seem to evolve. But Louis Farrakhan has taught the following: a black scientist drilled a hole in the earth, tried to blow it up and thereby created the moon.

Is that Islam? Not exactly.

So why does the media keep calling John Muhhamad a "convert to Islam?" Because Farrakhan borrows the word "Allah?"

Because he doesn't explain that the Nation of Islam teaches that founder Wallace Fard was Allah?


North American Mission Board:

The NOI teaches that Fard was Allah in physical form (Elijah Muhammad, The Fall of America, 236, as reprinted in "The Mother Plane," The Final Call 15, no. 25, [July 16, 1996]: 19

The Final Call is the Nation of Islam's newspaper.

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