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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 16, 2002
10:34 PM

James DiBenedetto's Mom: If drafted, I will not run; If elected, I will not serve... James, who runs Eleven Day Empire, finds a candidate more fit for office than Jean Carnahan, who recently said:

I'm the No. 1 target of the White House. Since they can't get Osama bin Laden, they're going to get me"

11-Day Is Not Amused:

Carnahan is now campaigning to keep the seat she was handed for four more years, the remainder of the term. She's currently trailing in the polls (perhaps because the only real argument for her candidacy is: "I lost my husband, so I deserve a Senate seat to dull the pain of my terrible personal loss"), which perhaps explains her outrageous comment.

Since we're discussing the Merry Widow, whose only qualification for office is that she's a widow, I'll take this opportunity to once again promote my campaign to have my Mom appointed to the Senate.

She has the same basic qualification as Jean Carnahan (she's widowed)

She has the same political experience as Jean Carnahan did prior to her appointment (none)

And I'm willing to guarantee that she's a much nicer and more honest person than Jean Carnahan (my Mom would never make a comment as awful as Carnahan's quote above, for one thing)

11-Day adds that Mom will move if necessary, but this will be hard to verify until she gets her own blog.

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