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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 09, 2002
8:18 AM

Here we go again... Last month we had an adult female golfer qualify for a PGA tournament by playing against men but from the ladies' tees. Now this: Suh Is First Girl to Win Virginia AAA Golf Title is about Jenny Suh, who "won" a high school golf championship mainly composed of boys by playing from the shorter ladies' tees. The remarkable thing to me is that neither the girl nor a top coach see any problem here, and appear to believe she actually beat these guys:

Western Branch Coach Karl Quinn, who is a member of Elizabeth Manor and helped set up the course for the high school tournament, said he did not have a problem with girls competing for the championship from closer tees.

"Yeah, it's fair," said Quinn, whose squad won the team title today. "Hey, it's the VHSL rules. . . . Is 80 percent the right number? I don't know. It may be 85, or it may be 90, or 80 might be right. [But] that's the rule."

"That's the rule" and "that's fair" are two different things. Here, the rule is a ass. The right number is 100%--is this a big mystery to a jock?


Boys "are starting to complain now that I finally won," Suh said. "This has been the rule for four years. . . . They just didn't think a girl would actually win. . . . "It's not like because I hit from the red tees the ball magically went in. I still had to deal with the fast greens, I still had to put it in the hole."

How a golfer could not get this is beyond me. Perhaps Suh should play from the whites next time and let everyone else play from the reds. In fact, a new girls' tournament is coming up, and to demonstrate how unimportant distance is in golf, she can volunteer to play from the longer tees.

Some kids get it.

"I always thought it was fair that girls played in the boys' tournament with this setup, but then they developed a girls' state tournament," said Western Branch senior Jamie Hamilton, who finished third at 142. "If girls want to play with the guys, they should play from the same tee as them -- I mean, I can't play in the girls' tournament."

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