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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
10:55 AM

Here cometh a brief and inadequate post to say thanks to felllow bloggers and readers who have emailed me and used the comments system to wish me well. I appreciate it. Still haven't gotten into gear back in PostWatch land, but I intend to.

One non-Post related item that's been bugging me. A few weeks ago, National Public Radio had a piece on the Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal. As attentive readers know, my position On All That is 1. Gay men are not inherently, uniquely evil and B) At this time and place, there is some kind of cultural disorder that has created a belief system giving gay priests some kind of weird permission to violate their vows of celibacy and abuse young men and boys. In other words, this is a gay problem. The vast, 80-90% majority of cases involves males abusing males.

So I was listening to this NPR report on the issue. The reporter interviewed four schoolkids, got their reaction to various policies. Some of the kids said it had turned them away from the Church, others said there are many fine priests, etc. Then the reporter closed her report with a line that said, "they're concerned because it affects kids just like them."

All four kids....were girls.

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