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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 23, 2002
10:11 PM

Guardroom linked to this Tacoma News Tribune short:

Tacoma search possibly linked to Maryland sniper

Kathleen Merryman; The News Tribune

Federal agents are searching the backyard of a home in Tacoma's Oakland neighborhood. Law enforcement officers have indicated the search may be connected to the case of the sniper who has shot 12 people, killing nine of them, in Maryland and Virginia around Washington, D.C.

Wednesday morning, FBI agents closed the area around the 3300 block of South Proctor Street. They cordoned off a duplex, then, using crime tape and surveying flags, created a grid pattern in the back yard.

They used the pattern to guide a search they conducted with a backhoe and metal detectors. Searchers hauled out at least one large object in a plastic bag.

Neighbors report that the investigation does not involve the current residents of the duplex.

There may be a press conference tonight back east.

UPDATE: A much longer story at courtesy of Instaman.

The GlenMeister adds: THIS IS SOUNDING LIKE A TERRORISM INVESTIGATION. And on FoxNews TV they're saying that there will be more searches in multiple locations around the country, while members of "immigrant" communities are promised amnesty if they come forward with information. I guess this could still be an investigation into the work of a lone nut, but. . . .

and he adds this update:

UPDATE: John Bono writes that the FBI is searching locations in Washington state and Alabama where Al Qaeda training camps were already known to have existed

John Bono's blog is called Big S Blog and here's what he says:

While the sniper thing was going on, I initially thought it was a terrorist attack, then I thought it was a lone nut.

I take that all back. I just heard saw on fox news that they are searching a property in Tacoma, and they are looking for suspects in Washington State and Alabama. I am now convinced that it is definitely, and I mean definitely al Qaeda. Here is why. Some of this you have heard before, and some you haven't.

The victims share nothing in common, except for being American.

The attacks were concentrated in Washington, which has a very high concentration of national media, political figures, and the like, guaranteeing national media coverage.

All the attacks have occurred from locations of good cover, indicating some reconnoitering has taken place, and the attackers have been able to escape quickly, indicating more than a bit of planning.

The demand for money--not the act of the average lone nut.

The area where the FBI is now searching with metal detectors in Tacoma, Washington. Earnest James Ujaama, a protege of Al Qaeda recruiter Abu Hamza Al-Masri, tried to set up a ranch as a training camp in Tacoma.

The FBI has also obtained a search warrant for some location in Alabama. In Marion, Alabama, a camp known as Ground Zero, USA was used for weapons training. On the grounds were shot up police vehicles and school buses.

This is no coincidence. I guarantee that by this time tomorrow, the Al Qaeda link will be firmly established.

He provides a couple of links while making his case.

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