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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, October 26, 2002
11:35 AM

Exhibit A... Here's a link from International Answer, the nice people behind the anti-war protest in Washington today. It's their take on the U.S. assault on the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan:

QUESTION: Isn't the U.S. trying to stabilize the region by eliminating a "network of terrorists"?

ANSWER: This is the most dangerous myth of all. More war, bombing and assassinations will only create more violence, death and economic crisis. The only way to stop terrorism is to stop the oppression that the U.S. has been largely responsible for in the region.

This is why Christopher Hitchens has separted from The Nation and its fellow-travelers. The Left of the New Millenium cannot support the Western-led destruction of a regime that banned education for women and executed gays for the offense of being gay.

It's really very simple: This is a left that hates the West and the United States more than it loves liberty, the rule of law, and civil rights.

Hitch on Iraq:

Now, however, the same people are all frenzied about an American-led "attack on the Muslim world." Are the Kurds not Muslims? Is the new Afghan government not Muslim? Will not the next Iraqi government be Muslim also? This meaningless demagogy among the peaceniks can only be explained by a masochistic refusal to admit that our own civil society has any merit, or by a nostalgia for Stalinism that I can sometimes actually taste as well as smell.

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