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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, October 23, 2002
6:39 PM

Augusta report from the Washington Times...

Martha Burk redefines the English language:

"Is the Augusta National issue at the top of our priority list? Of course not," said Mrs. Burk, who says she would accept an invitation to join the club even though she is not a golfer. "If they invited a woman, then I would be able to go back to the situation in Afghanistan, the women's human rights treaty and some of the other issues that consume most of our days.

So when her lower-priority Augusta campaign is over, she can return to her higher-priority Afghanistan campaign.

I love this one too:

As for [the Independent Women's Forum] Christine Stolba, I would ask her to find something to do. The IWF doesn't do anything. They only criticize what we are doing. So if we didn't exist, neither would they, because they don't have any program."

Burk was responding to this:

Christine Stolba of the Independent Women's Forum (IWF) considers Mrs. Burk's tactics "a strange form of extortion" and questions her motives. "Not only is Augusta National a private organization which has the right to make its own determination about members, but this is not an issue of particular interest to the vast majority of American women," Miss Stolba said. "This is a frivolous issue which Martha Burk is using as a platform of self-promotion."

I've seeing arguments out there about how Martha Burk is doing this only for self-promotion. While I understand the charge and it may well be true, that's one part of this episode that doesn't strongly move me. A lot of folks--political leaders, IWF members, bloggers--do what they do partly out of self-promotion.

But Burk's statement that IWF "doesn't do anything" is just ignorant. IWF actively promotes a new concept of feminism that sees men as strong and admirable allies rather than enemies, probably one of the main reasons they drive the Martha Burks of the world crazy. IWF feminists are self-reliant, actively engaged in the world, and dismiss victimization theory. They hold seminars, investigate old-line feminist hoaxes, and distribute a variety of publications to help educate a confused world.

In short, they use their powers for good, not for evil.

Which is why I link to them.

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