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Friday, September 13, 2002
8:15 AM

One of my dearest friends is in the hospital, and it brings to mind these remarkable guidelines written by seven-year-old Monique Olivia McIntyre earlier this week. Virtually all would be a great idea for adults as well. McIntyre elaborates on each point in an absorbing way; I've edited it down to the essentials:

1. Don't surprise me. Tell me what you are going to do before you do it.
2. Always think of a less painful way of doing things
3. Be honest. I get really upset and people make me cry more when they say something isn't going to hurt
4. Ask my permission before you put any part of your body on mine.
5. Get down on my level. If I'm in the bed, sit down. You can sit down on my bed. Don't stand over me, because it scares me.
6. Try to keep the doctors and nurses who come into my room the same. It was really scary to wake up see and a whole bunch of new doctors standing around my bed.
7. Try not to wake me up so many times
8. Dress normal. Don't wear your white coat. People in white coats scare me
9. Get cable
10. Stop saying it's no "big deal." I didn't like it when people said it's no big deal to get your blood taken. It's a big deal to me

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