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Monday, September 09, 2002
8:16 AM

All About Josh blogs about an Outlook piece in which a liberal parent explains why she's sending her kid to private school. Basically, she's doing it because the local public school stinks and she's not willing to gamble her kid's future on it. Josh says it sums up his "unequivocal support for school vouchers":

It's a known fact that many public schools that are not located in affluent suburbs can't be fixed overnight -- and the issue goes far beyond money. Some of the most well-funded schools, like the District of Columbia's schools, continually perform miserably in every possible measure. I don't advocating ignoring the public school system, but I also don't advocate ignoring the many bright kids who are unable to get a good education because they're forced to attend poor schools. Vouchers don't automatically decrease the quality of schools; in fact, increased competition may force public schools to spend their money more wisely to get better results. Even if that doesn't happen, I frankly think that children should be put ahead of buildings and bureaucracies -- that's precisely what school choice, through charter schools and vouchers, accomplishes.

And if vouchers existed, the woman's neighbors could do the same thing that she is.

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