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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, July 02, 2002
12:42 PM

Cynthia Cooper resignation... Here's an AP report the Post archives say ran on page 2 of the sports section on Thursday, June 27, the same day reporters Valerie Strauss and Mike Allen wrote about the Education Dept.'s new Title IX commission, for which Cooper was named a co-chair that day. I'm not saying there's any deliberate effort here; it's just a shame the events weren't connected. Cooper is described in the Allen/Strauss story as "former WNBA star Cynthia Cooper," which is true, though the day before she had also become a former Phoenix Mercury coach.

Here's an column by the Kansas City Star's Mechelle Voepel rapping Cooper for her swift departure, which she described as a "drama queen exit":

On June 15, the news had come that Cooper's twins, via surrogate mother, had arrived. Less than two weeks later, Cooper told her team about 90 minutes before game time that she was resigning, released a statement to the media, didn't have a press conference or answer questions, and flew home to Houston. One might hazard a guess that Cooper realized twins are exactly twice as much work as one baby, which alone is exactly 1 million times more work than anything else on earth. But babies don't show up overnight. And, considering these were surrogate babies, ummm ... how shall we put this ... that didn't happen by accident, did it? If it was planned, as one might presume, simple math would tell you the kids would be born a few weeks into the WNBA season. So there was time to prepare for all that.

I say three cheers for the two kids, but it does sound like Cooper will make an interesting co-chair.

On the same ESPN page, Nancy Lieberman writes simply that from Cooper's standpoint, probably enough was enough:

At this point in her life, Cooper was juggling a lot of responsibilities, from her marriage, the recent birth of her twins (June 15, with the help of a surrogate mother) and as coach of the Mercury. Add in personnel issues -- Brandy Reed's suspension, the pregnancy that kept Maria Stepanova from playing this season and a recent rift over playing time with forward Lisa Harrison, one of the team's best players -- and the timing must have been overwhelming.

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