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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, June 20, 2002
10:36 PM

Yes, hard as it sounds, it's possible to file a story about a murderer who kills a mom and three kids and never use the word "terrorist." Or "murderer," for that matter:

JERUSALEM, June 20--Palestinian gunmen sneaked into a Jewish settlement on the West Bank and opened fire with automatic weapons tonight, setting off a fierce and chaotic shootout with Israeli border policemen and settler guards in which five Israelis and one Palestinian were killed, the Israeli army reported.

In this Molly Moore story, the killers are described as: gunmen and intruders. And at one point their attack, which apparently ended with a house in flames and at least one child trapped, dead, inside--at one point in this story the attack is called a "raid," which has a jaunty expeditonary force feel to it. The Post account is at a bewildering arm's length.

The Jerusalem Post nails it:

4 family members slain in Itamar infiltration


At least one terrorist infiltrated the settlement of Itamar near Nablus last night, killing a mother and three of her eight children and the head of the community's emergency response team. One of the murdered children was trapped in the family's house after it caught fire during the attack. Two of the family's other children were wounded: a 10-year-old boy with serious gunshot wounds to the legs, and his 13-year old sister, with moderate to serious chest wounds....

The terrorist was killed by soldiers, who began searching for possible additional terrorists when the house caught fire. The terrorist jumped from a window in the house, exchanged fire with security forces, and was killed.

Guy runs into a house and starts murdering Mom, then kids. This is a terrorist. Not too challenging a concept.

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