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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

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Sunday, June 30, 2002
10:42 PM

We're here to help you... Say what you will about blogging, it has boosted the readership of Michael Getler's Ombudsman's column. In recent weeks we have noted criticism from (remember, Mr. Getler, there's no such thing as bad publicity) and OmbudsGod, among others. I should also note that OmbudsGod gave Getler credit for taking a reader's criticism of MidEast coverage seriously in this week's column (which OmbudsGod blogged Saturday; some of the Sunday content goes up early, even before the 11 p.m. divide where some lead stories start showing up on the website.)

Today Via Insta I noticed a new site called Eleven Day Empire that blogs on media including the Post. Doesn't like Getler much. Here's an interesting comment about the very existence of Getler's column:

This seems to me to be a pointless exercise, since he generally agrees with the majority of reader complaints, and yet the policies of the Post never seem to change one iota in response.

He also praises a Post editorial dissing Tom Daschle, and is not very kind to David Broder for saying the "moratorium" on criticism of Bush and the war on terrorism is over. 11-Day:

Is he really this dense? There's been dissent right from the morning of September 12 through to today. There've been anti-war rallies, there are members of Congress like Cythina McKinney, there's The Nation and Michael Moore and a whole slew of leftist organizations opposed to the war (or at least parts thereof).

Yes, but surely it's politically safer to criticize Bush now than it was a few months ago. Not that I'm a big Broder fan:

WATERLOO, Iowa -- Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, visiting here in his pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination, was making points with the 10 party activists who joined him for coffee the other morning at the Country Kitchen cafe. He had been asked zzzzzzz where he would find fault zzzzzzzzzzzzz with President Bush, and he replied, "As far as domestic policy is concerned, zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzz BANG! (coffee cup smashed as my comatose head crushes porcelain)........

A final note: 11-Day noted this week's Michael Fletcher piece on males becoming an endangered species in college, and says it's surprising few have noticed that women now make up 57% of students getting bachelor's degrees. The trend has been noticed on the right for some time, particularly since 1994 when Christina Hoff Sommers wrote Who Stole Feminism? The problem is getting the feminist-dominated media and education establishment to notice, or care when they do notice.

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