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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, June 14, 2002
1:17 PM

The Washington Times thinks this June 10 Post story on Republican efforts to monitor lobbyist's political background is much abo about nothing.

The Post:

The document lists the lobbyists' name, where they work, which party they belong to, where they have worked politically and how much money they have contributed to both candidates and causes of both parties.

The Times Editorial:

Stop the presses. Republican operatives are playing politics. In Washington -- of all places.

Update: Howard Kurtz notes the American Prowler's take:

As confirmed in its opening sentence, the story is important because it describes a campaign that 'could deny government access and prime lobbying jobs to Democrats.' Later we're told: 'Democrats expressed outrage that Republican were politically profiling at best – and blacklisting at worst – the denizens of K Street. . . . ' Tom Daschle is among those very upset: 'I am appalled that anybody would be that brazen.' Daschle added that his lobbyist friends (such as his wife?) 'have cautioned him that Republicans are pressuring firms to purge Democrats.' . . .

"Now imagine if [project leader Grover] Norquist were a woman and his goal was to break through the glass ceilings at Washington's leading lobbying firms. He'd be treated as a heroine and Daschle would be kissing his hand. When it comes to challenging and changing the unwritten rules of Washington, there's no one like Norquist – and it must make his day if Tom Daschle calls him brazen in the Washington Post. How many Republicans can be said to be that unafraid?"

Can't find where this is on the Prowler, but here's the generic link

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