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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, June 29, 2002
10:20 PM

Politics can bum you out... One strange thing about this week's Senate hearing on Title IX and the announcement of a commission to study it was the extent to which the Bush Administration boxed out the College Sports Council, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Department of Education's implementation of that law. I mean, yes, you gotta admit filing suit against the department might not endear them to Education Secretary Rod Paige. But fighting the gender-quota results of the last decade is a natural conservative cause, the kind of thing that energizes your base. It really stinks that in this case the liberal forces were well-arrayed and the good guys were almost completely shut out, as my media contact at the College Sports Council tells me:

We didn't even learn that the Department was planning this announcement until this morning, and that only from a conscientious reporter at ABC. The Department wouldn't even share their press release with us until the hearing began....At the same time, there must have been close to a hundred young women at the hearing from a host of feminist groups including WSF, NWLC and the Children's Defense Fund. They were there ahead of time, packing the hearing room -- an obvious indication that they had been informed well in advance.

Besides me, our side had just one person there. His name is Eric Pearson, the former wrestling coach at Princeton and the main organizer of the lawsuit and the CSC. He had flown in from the Olympic Committee meeting going on in Indianapolis to make the hearing and had come straight from the airport. He stood alone, silently in the far corner of the hearing room for the duration.

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