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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, June 11, 2002
2:23 PM

National Review Online runs a Jessica Gavora column on Title IX and the recent National Women's Law Center announcement that it's filing sex-discrimination complaints over gender imbalances in vo-tech schools, a story covered enthusiastically by the Post. Here's my June 6 blog on it, here's the NWLC press release, and here's the Post story. Compare and....well, don't bother trying to contrast.

Here's an observation in the Gavora piece that hadn't occurred to me:

And it's not hard to predict what remedy will be advocated, once these [vo-tech] "investigations" are complete, to correct the sex imbalance in the nation's vocational-education system. When they fail to convince high-school girls, who are a declining share of voc-ed students, to take more classes in welding and auto mechanics, activists will begin to agitate for boys' representation in these classes to be curtailed in order to reach gender parity. What is happening today in collegiate athletic programs will soon be coming to high schools across the country. Boys will lose. No girls will gain. But the law will be complied with.

Is this scenario the stuff of fantasy? Asked recently if anyone thought men's sports teams would one day be eliminated because of Title IX, former senator Birch Bayh, the law's original sponsor, said no: "That was not the purpose of Title IX. And that has been a very unfortunate aspect of this. The idea of Title IX was not to give fewer opportunities to men; it was to make more opportunities for women."

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