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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Tuesday, June 18, 2002
8:21 AM

InstaMan points to this blogging from Armed and Dangerous on how the media has ignored the homosexual sex scandal.

One need not, however, attack the essentials of Catholic doctrine [which he does] to agree with Ms. Eberstadt's main point: that the dominant media culture seems bent on obscuring a central fact about the pattern of crimes -- which is that they are predominently homosexual abuse by priests with a history of homosexual activity...Apparently, because one of the rules of the U.S.'s dominant media culture is that Homosexuals Are Not To Be Stigmatized (I think it's carved in stone right next to "Environmentalists are Saints" and "Gun Owners are Redneck Nut-Jobs"). Gay conservative Andrew Sullivan famously noted this rule in connection with the Jesse Dirkhising murder. We are not supposed to think of either Jesse's murderers or abusive priests as homosexuals; that might reflect badly on a journalistically-protected class by associating it with criminal behavior.

This guy, Timatollah, also from the InstaVan, says that's baloney:

His first point that I disagree with is this "dominant media culture" business. He seems to believe that the mass media in the US is giving gay folk some kind of pass.He's ostenstibly focused on some kind of protective journalistic behavior which is supposedly suppressing the fact that what the scandal is about is the fact that priests have been abusing their authority to come onto or diddle little boys and young men.

Uh, yeah, unthinkable.

More on these later.

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