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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Saturday, June 08, 2002
2:15 PM

Guest Columnist Teaser...PostWatch is going to run an item by an accomplished liberal figure with a distinguished pedigree in journalism. He enjoys the blog despite the fact that our politics are, for the most part, starkly different. I am frankly flattered by his attention, and admire anyone who makes it a point to listen--really listen--to people on the other side of the barricade. That's why I have a link to The Nation over there. Hit it, you'll learn something new.

In any case, I need to do a little template work to accommodate my guest, who has his own rather different critique of the Post. It's much longer than most of my posts, so if the author doesn't object, I think I'll post the first several grafs as a teaser and then point you to a dedicated page where you can take it all in as the author intended. Comments are welcome, as they always are.

I'll give you a hint: the piece he's sent me first appeared in The Progressive

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