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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, June 28, 2002
3:38 PM

Good things happen too, and I gotta say that it's hard sometimes for partisans like me to admit it. I think National Review Online is making that mistake today, even while correcting the record.

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez is hammering the Post's story on Title IX and has identified some nuances that escaped me, but I think it's way overboard--you shoulda seen what that paper was publishing before, Lopez! (scroll down to "Title IX Follies").

The big one I missed:

Maybe the Washington Post piece on Title IX was just lifted off a Women's Law Center press release. Here's another whopper: "Last January, the National Wrestling Coaches Association and other groups filed suit, asking a federal court to invalidate Title IX." Invalidate Title IX? No one wants to do that. It's the Clinton Ed Dept.'s quota test for implentation that the coaches have been fighting to kill. The law itself, they have no beef with. This is no breaking news and easily verifiable.

True. They are not trying to invalidate Title IX, but the way it has been implemented.

Earlier today, Lopez posted:

Capping the article is a lie written countless times since Jerry Reynolds was nominated to served in the Department of Ed and will undoubtedly be heard endlessly in coming the months. “Last March, Bush appointed Gerald Reynolds, who has publicly questioned the validity of Title IX's athletics policies, to head the Office for Civil Rights at the Education Department.” That simply isn’t true. Jerry Reynolds, a solid guy, has never written or publicly spoken a word challenging the validity of Title IX, as has been reported on NRO. It’s simply a liberal smear to try to dismiss him, the commission, and the administration before they get out of the gates on this

I did not know that. Lopez includes this link and also this one to back up her assertion.

But today's story is really the first one in weeks that is emphatically not lifted from a National Women's Law Center press release. In fact, reporters Valerie Strauss and Mike Allen deserve extra credit for going beyond the hearing itself, which included no witnesses that were critical of current practice. Instead, Strauss and Allen saw the dispute clearly and went out of their way to sound out both sides. They could have written a story that was 98% favorable to the status quo and honestly have said, "that's what they said at the hearing."

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