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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Sunday, June 30, 2002
1:32 PM

Don't hold your breath waiting for American Muslim groups to have an anti-terrorist march or announce a campaign to rout the intolerant, anti-Semitic Wahabbist Islamist sect that provides cover on U.S. soil for anti-American terrorists. Yesterday, as the Post reports, we had another protest against anti-Muslim bias. Bias Against Muslims Targeted; Protesters Challenge War on Terrorism, Israeli Occupation, Ylan Q. Mui writes:

The protest and march down Pennsylvania Avenue, meandering past the Mall and to Farragut Square, were organized by International ANSWER, an antiwar, anti-racism group that has espoused the Palestinian cause. Speakers with an array of agendas spoke on such topics as the death penalty, racial profiling and the USA Patriot Act, which expands the FBI's powers.

For Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Freedom Foundation, these issues are one and the same. "When it comes to bigotry, to racial profiling, it's just us," he said in his speech at the rally. He added, "As a black man, as a Muslim, this is my home. But I don't feel secure."

So ANSWER is an "antiwar, anti-racism group." Okay. Among other things, their poster for the march Saturday tells protesters to "stop the new witchunt against political and religious organizations...Free Mumia abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Imam Jamil Al-amim & all political prisoners...Money for jobs, education and healthcare--not repression and war...stop the attacks on immigrants....

Mumia abu-Jamal is the famed Philadelphia cop-killer and freeing him is a left-wing perennial. Boston University's Peter Wood on NRO:

On December 9, 1981, Mr. Abu-Jamal shot Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner five times, including once in the back. There were witnesses; there was Mr. Abu-Jamal's gun with five-spent cartridges found on the scene; there was Officer Faulkner's bullet inside Mr. Abu-Jamal; and there was Mr. Abu-Jamal's admission that he was at the scene. The case for conviction was as airtight as a murder case can be, and in 1982 the jury agreed....

Leonard Peltier was convicted of murder in the 70's. NRO:

Peltier is a romantic hero to some on the left because he was a leader of the American Indian Movement. But the evidence is very strong that he is a cold-blooded murderer. As Freeh's letters [arguing against clemency] detail, it appears likely that one of the two young agents he killed was on his knees trying to surrender when he was shot in the face.

Imam Jamil Al-amim was known as H. Rap Brown, and was recently convicted of murder. Daniel Pipes:

Here are some career highlights. H. Rap Brown was a founder and later chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, whose definition of non-violence included his famous boast: "We're gonna burn America down." In 1967 Brown incited a mob to torch two city blocks in Cambridge, Maryland; "It's time for Cambridge to explode, baby," was his punch line. In 1970, while serving as the fugitive "Minister of Justice" of the murderous Black Panther Party, he made the FBI's "Most Wanted" list for the first time. A shootout during the attempted robbery of a bar on New York City's Upper West Side left him and two police officers injured. He did five years in New York prisons, including a jailhouse conversion to Islam, in which he took the name Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin.

He was convicted for the following:

By 1999 he was arrested on charges of driving a stolen car and carrying a concealed weapon. Even so, when the two sheriff's deputies, Aldranon English, 28, and Ricky Kinchen, 35, found Al-Amin standing in a black trench coat by a parked black Mercedes-Benz, they were not prepared for what came next. Finding Al-Amin's hands concealed, they followed standard procedure and ordered him to show his hands. "OK, here they are," he replied and allegedly pulled out two guns, firing first a .223 caliber assault rifle, then switching to a 9 mm revolver. English was shot in both legs, the left arm and right chest. Six bullets killed Kinchen. The next day English identified Al-Amin from a selection of mug shots.

Maybe he should have moved to Saudi Arabia:

The Islam that Al-Amin adopted is-no surprise-the radical variety. The transition was easy from the hate-America sentiments he had espoused as a black nationalist in the 1960s. "When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States," he wrote in a 1994 book Revolution by the Book (The Rap is Live), "we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded."... He chastises American blacks for being too integrated into their country's life: "The problem with African-Americans is that they are so American," he wrote

And if ANSER is an "anti-racism group," as Post reporter Mui writes, they chose their causes strangely. Pipes continues:

Al-Amin has never been shy about invoking Islam in his struggle against white "ameriKKKa."

Well, it's not strange, because in left-wing circles anti-white racism does not exist or is unimportant.

I can only imagine what causes were promoted in yesterday's march and veiled in Mui's mild phrase "Speakers with an array of agendas spoke..."

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