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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Friday, June 07, 2002
11:06 PM

By the way, this is why we must remain awake, clearly identify the people who want to kill us, and face it in our own back yard. Comedian Sandra Bernhard thinks the Bush administration is going overboard by picturing Osama bin Laden & Co. as the bad guys:

"After a month went by, I sat and thought about the whole reaction of the Bush administration and their deflection of the reality of it all. They're hiding behind the terrorism and the evil and the 'bad guys' like something out of a John Wayne movie," Miss Bernhard said. "But there's something inherently evil in our own country. I feel like we need to look from within to change the negativity and the darkness and not make out [Osama bin Laden and his followers] as the bad guys. They're [expletive] people, but it's more complex than that."

What would it take for reality to sink in here? Would it take a coordinated hijacking of four jets, and slitting the throats of the flight crew, and the deaths of all aboard, and crashing one into the Pentagon and another two into the World Trade Center? Nope! Not enough!

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