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Monday, June 10, 2002
9:59 PM put up a few more letters on its website today, the first day of its one-week boycott protesting coverage skewed against Israel. One point I'd llike to briefly revisit in ombudsman Michael Getler's Sunday column is Getler's describing that site as "this anonymous entity." Not exactly. Fair enough in terms of who is "really" behind it. But out of 70-plus letters to the editor posted there, many, and I'd say most this year, are signed by name and town. I suppose it could be all made up, but I doubt it, and it reduces the anonymity factor. Hey, I'm the anonymous entity, pal.

One writes today:

Just looking at this weekend, the Post has called the Palestinians who kill Israeli civilians "terrorists" zero times. They have called them "gunmen" nine times, "assailants" three times, "extremists" three times, "attackers" one time, and "militants" one time. Over the weekend, the Post has called Israeli civilians who killed Palestinian civilians "terrorists" zero times and called them "vigiliantes" zero times.

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