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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Sunday, June 30, 2002
11:12 AM

Blogrolling...Very glad to see link not just to PostWatch but precisely to Colman McCarthy's column on the Post Op-Ed page, from the perspective of someone on the left (we disagree on politics, but we both fear getting a concussion at the breakfast table after passing out from boredom). Teleread had been looking for watchblogs covering National Public Radio:

I was curious to see what NPR critics might actually be out there, right or wrong. The possibilities intrigued me. I already knew of media watchers such as ChronWatch. And earlier today I had run across PostWatch's reproduction of a piece called Post Op-Eds: Boring, Predictable Playground for the Center and the Right by none other than ex-Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy. Written originally for a pulped-wood version of the Progressive, the McCarthy article didn't include links to illustrate specifics. Still, given McCarthy's past prominence at the Post, the piece was bloody fun to read. More than ever, I hoped that bloggers and other Web publishers of all ideological stripes would prevail over Corporate Control Central.

It is bloody fun, and new visitors to PostWatch should check it out. Apologies to McCarthy for the clanking, mechanical head I gave his column.

Teleread found PostWatch through OmbudsGod so thanks again.

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