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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Thursday, May 30, 2002
10:16 PM

Women are being pulled from next-generation Army recon units according to Rowan Scarborough in the Washington Times. As the story reports, this is the second time the Bush Administration has stepped back from Clinton-era policies concerning women in the military, the first being its reduction and revamping of the advisory board known as DACOWITS.

Eight female soldiers who have been training in the first RSTA unit are being reassigned, an Army spokeswoman said yesterday. The reversal is to comply with a 1994 Defense Department policy that prohibits women from serving in units that perform direct ground combat roles. The Army says it has changed its mixed-sex policy on RSTA because the units, as they evolve as part of Army transformation, are taking on more missions. But as recently as several months ago, Army officials told a pro-military advocate they had no plans to change the units' co-ed status. "I believe they would not have made the change without directions from above," said Elaine Donnelly, who heads the Center for Military Readiness. She has pressed Bush appointees, in meetings at the Pentagon in recent months, to make RSTA male-only. "This is a real shift in what they're doing," she said.

Woulda been nice to hear what the feminists say about this, btw; Scarborough doesn't tell us.

Went to Donnelly's site and didn't see anything about this, but theres a May 7 press release on new moves in an old lawsuit against the Center, which had accused her of defaming a female Navy pilot in connection with information the Center released about the death of Lt.Kara Hultgreen. Hultgreen crashed her F-14 and died on approach to her carrier; Donnelly and others said Hultgreen and other female pilots were allowed to fly despite lower flight ratings to meet gender goals. This is a sad story. The link above claims to have new information backing it up.

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