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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Wednesday, May 29, 2002
9:31 AM

Michael Fletcher reports on efforts to require the teaching of "intelligent design" in addition to evolution. Well done on both sides, but for this:

Evolutionary science holds that all existing organisms developed from earlier life forms through natural selection.

Not exactly. Natural selection isn't seriously questioned even by creationists, never mind intelligent-designers, and a good thing too: you can watch it happen before your eyes. Natural selection is survival and reproduction of the fittest, one example being infectious micro-organisms that have become resistant to antibiotics over the years. The few bugs that weren't killed by penicillin way back when have become fruitful and multiplied and are coming back with a vengeance as bugs, to use a a technical term. Evolution takes bugs and turns them into elephants. That's harder to do, like at the graduate level.

My take on evolution--and since I possess a degree in English, I know you'll be interested--is:

1. Creation science can't be a science, because the scientific method always leaves open the possibility of disproving an earlier, accepted theory, which in the case of creationism's premise is unacceptable

2. Evolution is a very interesting theory that unfortunately is defended with the same panic-stricken semi-certitude of creationsim

3. Intelligent design is a fascinating idea.

There, problem solved.

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