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PostWatch: An irregular correction to the Washington Post

Brought to you by Christopher Rake


Monday, May 27, 2002
4:31 PM

Blogger All About Josh agrees with a recent George Will op-ed about a Christine Stolba/IWF report (in .pdf) called Lying in a Room of One's Own: How Women's Studies Textbooks Miseducate Students. And they do. All About Josh also notes what I, too, thought was a very lame non-rebuttal in Saturday's Free for All section, where an activist wrote that he overstated the extent to which women are over-represented in NIH studies. Compare and contrast for yourself. What seems indisputable if you're familiar with the literature is that women are not under-represented, and many studies over the years have shown this. One thing I never understood: If women are so uniquely, badly treated by the health care system, how come they live longer? By a lot? It wasn't always this way, and evil patriarchal Western medicine uniquely benefitted women starting shortly after the turn of the century, where in the U.S. they had shorter lifespans on average than men. Better handling of childbirth and antibiotics to fight infecton is how that happened. If women here had a lifespan on average six or seven years shorter than men's, they'd be screaming bloody murder. Instead, they are the ones who live longer, and some of them are screaming bloody murder. See a pattern here?

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